Bad Bangers EP

by Bad Bangers

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released January 12, 2016

Recorded by Cam Smith at Incremental Records, Brisbane



all rights reserved


Bad Bangers Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: I Live Here Too
I wanna drink from my cup
I wanna eat from my plate
I wanna fry my eggs
in a frying pan
I wanna use a fork
I wanna use a knife
I wanna cook my beans
in a frying pan
But I have to use my fingers
Coz you made it all dirty as fuck
Why's it so hard to get through your head
That I live here too motherfucker!!!
Track Name: Kanga Bangaz
Do you ever think bangas are sus?
Almost made me vegetarian
Zombie penises
Rotting condoms
Skippy wrapped up
in synthetic foreskin
Track Name: Whitey One Eighty
I gotta gotta gotta get out of here
Everyone is made of porridge
Their brains are made of mashed potato
They don't think anything different
Terra nullius Terra vox vox
Did you even know about it?
How did you get to be
where you are today
you live under a rock
and I don't wanna
live with you
Time to go
get away
leave the martyrs
leave the apathy
leave the brats behind
leave it all behind
leave it all behind
goodbye goodbye goodbye
Track Name: Not So Bad
Why do you like it so much?
It makes me feel funny
Like I'm trying to be god or something
Trying to be adored
I know I'm wrong if I like it
It certainly feels that way
After spreading the lies
The morning after
If you can laugh about it
its not so bad
Track Name: Don't Spew
Can't pretend I was thrilled
Coz when you take up all the world
In every space
The feelings killed
Swallow your dreams
Don't spew them up again
Honey try and keep it in
Swallow your dreams
Track Name: El Psicópata
Have you ever known one?
Do you know one now?
What did he do to you?
What did he do to her?

El Psicópata
El Psicópata
El Psicópata
El Psicópata

Locked me in the house
Said I couldn't leave
If I tried said he'd follow me
But he makes great art

El Psicópata
El Psicópata
El Psicópata
El Psicópata

He's from the industry
Said I was pretty
Said I could make money
Left me feeling empty

Did it while her parents slept
Took her 15 years to heal
Radio man, owns a venue
Now he's got a baby girl

El Psicópata
El Psicópata
El Psicópata
El Psicópata
Track Name: Unnecessary Buys
I just bought a selfie stick and I hate my face
I just bought an ounce and now I can't pay rent
I just brought an iphone 5 and I don't know why
I just bought my sixteenth bike and I don't even ride

I just bought a penguin book and I don't even read
I just bought a trombone just to be different
I just bough eggs benny fucken three times
I just bought netflix and now I wanna cry

Come awwwwnnnnn downnnn
Everything has got to go!
Buy things and feel sad
Unnecessary Buys!